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Speciality Products


Premium Drinks applications

SPEYPACK® is a range of unique heavyweight grades, available from 700mic to 1200mic. Developed for use within the premium drink sector (e.g. whisky, cognac, rum, gin, vodka, sparkling Wine and champagne)


Tube wrap & Rigid Box applications

SPEYWRAP® is a bespoke range of specialty papers that offer “brand holder’s” various different types finished looks and print effects on tube wrap and rigid box applications that includes the uses of coated, uncoated and felt textured papers stock.


Pearlescent range of Paper and Boards

SPEYPEARL® is an extensive range of coated pearl and metallic paper available in either plain or embossed format, these 1/S Coated paper and boards are suitable for labels, tubes, rigid boxes and carton applications.

SPEYPEARL® is also used in envelope and greeting card applications


Range of bespoke embossed Paper and Boards

SPEY EMBOSSED is an extensive range of bespoke embossing that can be offered on a wide range of paper and board substrates. Including but not exclusive to uncoated, coated, recycled and kraft based substrates.


Pre-lined Greyboard (Rigid Box Application)

RADIUS COLOUR is a range of printed and solid colour lined greyboard are available from 1200 to 2000mic for use within the premium drinks sector including whisky, gin, port and sparkling wine.

We are currently in the process of developing RADIUS 1/s PREMIUM and range of pre-lined greyboard with smooth lined surface to assist with the application metallized liners and smooth coated, uncoated liners.